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Are you dealing with a loved one’s addiction of any kind? Need help with loved one's addiction? Are you interested in learning more about addiction and how it affects people in the addict’s life? Do you want to take your life back from the insanity that comes with it? My book Addiction Heartbreak may help.

Join Krista on her roller coaster ride of conflicting thoughts and painful emotions as she struggles to cope with her husband’s addiction to cocaine.  Discover what she does to take her life back from addiction heartbreak.  

A story of love, devotion and codependence that everyone will want to read.

E-books and paperbacks can be purchased from most on-line book stores. Limited copies are also available directly from me for $20 CAD using the Paypal button below including shipping within Canada only.

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Addiction Heartbreak

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Is someone you love using drugs or alchohol. Not sure what to do? My checklist may help. 

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