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Addiction Checklist

If you love someone who is using drugs or alcohol you may:

  1. Begin to doubt yourself and your own instincts
  2. Try to fix the situation and rescue the addict
  3. Get angry with and resent the addict for using.
  4. Start to distrust the addict and feel you can't rely on them
  5. Feel taken for granted, unimportant, unloved and that your needs don't matter
  6. Feel that your loved one’s using is causing problems in your marriage or relationship
  7. Hide the problem and keep secrets from family and friends
  8. Deny that your loved one is an addict/alcoholic
  9. Make excuses for the addict 
  10. Lose interest in your own activities and isolate yourself
  11. Try to control the addict
  12. Worry about and lose sleep over the addict's using
  13. Blame yourself for the addict's using
  14. Allow the addict to manipulate you
  15. Start to have health issues of your own
  16. Become obsessed with getting the addict to stop using
  17. Tolerate more and more bad behaviour from the addict and possibly from yourself
  18. Do things that the addict should be doing for themselves
  19. Take over their household and financial responsibilities 
  20. Become addicted to the addict and find you are unable to separate yourself from them


If four or more of these apply to you then your loved one is most likely an addict. 

There is a solution.


  1. Get help: join a family support group like Al-Anon or Nar-Anon and/or get professional help (counselling)
  2. Encourage the addict to get help 
  3. Educate yourself on addiction
  4. Set boundaries and enforce them
  5. Learn to detach from the addict
  6. Allow the addict to suffer the consequences of using 
  7. Contact the police when necessary (violence, theft)
  8. Take care of yourself first, be kind to yourself, love yourself (exercise, eat well, sleep)

    There is always hope. You are not alone.

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My book Addiction Heartbreak may help with loved one's addiction. 

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