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I am pleased to have received so many great reviews on my book. Here are a few. Thank you everyone for your support.

"Addiction Heartbreak" is a deeply personal account of Krista's journey from euphoria to heartbreak at the realization that the man she has recently married  - the love of her life - is caught in the clutches of addiction. What follows is a thoughtful and considerate description of how she regains control of her life even as she watches her husband's life spin out of control. 

An invaluable resource."

Ruth McEwan

"I have read your book and could not put it down. I liked the way you played with the timeline going forward and backward. I think the way you explained Krista's frequent second-guessing herself and her involvement and education in treatment methods and AA will help someone who is suffering not just with an addict, but with relationship issues. I commend you."

Virginia Dupuis

"A very poignant story illustrating that notwithstanding our best efforts and best intentions it can be difficult to help those we love. The story is told in a very personal way and highlights the suffering of both the addict and those around him. 

A great book that was difficult to put down." 

Christiane Dickson

"Everyone check out this book. Especially if you are dealing with an addiction or someone close to you is dealing with an addiction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol etc. This book brings light to the issues that come with this problem.

It was a great read. 10/10 recommend."

Chanise Rooney

"I was very inspired and moved by the characters. It was well written and really made you understand what the characters were feeling and going through. I really enjoyed your book.

You have a wonderful gift in capturing the characters feelings and emotions. I felt I was part of the story."

Nathalie Zalzal

"Very interesting book. I did not want to put it down. It made me understand better what addiction can do to a person and their loved ones. 

You will not regret buying this book and sharing it with your family and friends."

An Amazon.ca customer

"The book itself was so addictive.

I started reading Addiction Heartbreak when I woke up in the morning and did not put it down until I had finished it. Little did I notice it was 1pm and I was done the book. I would definitely recommend this book not only for those going through addiction, but for anyone who wants to know what it feels like to live with an addict.

Absolutely amazing."

Sofie on Amazon.ca

"Storyline was terrific!

You keep hoping that things will work out for Krista and Steven. Very insightful of how addictions affect family members and the person with the addiction."

Valerie54 on Amazon.com

"Instructive! Corollary to any book on co-dependency."

Amazon.com customer


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